View of Jenzig hill
View of Jenzig hill

Day section 2: Ziegenhain/Steinkreuz - Beutnitz

From Ziegenhain the SaaleHorizontale trail rises steeply on its way up to Fuchsturm tower, a former castle keep, before descending into Wogau via the slopes of the Gembdental valley. Then it’s back uphill onto the ridge of Jenzig hill. From there the path is level up to the Jenzighaus restaurant, before dropping through forest down to Laasan, a small village tucked away in a side valley.

The trail now follows the road for a few hundred metres, and then turns off across fields and meadows to the ruins of Kunitzburg Castle, which tower above the Saale river on Grosser Gleisberg hill. It continues through beautiful beech forest to the Königsstuhl viewing point, which offers spectacular vistas of the Dornburg Palaces. The final stretch is the descent into Beutnitz.

Distance: 20.9km Uphill: 575m Downhill: 717m
Access: Bus no. 16, Ziegenhainer Tal stop (2km from the trail)
Departure: Porstendorf train station (3km from the trail), bus no. 430, 431
Places to eat: Fuchsturm, Wogau, Jenzighaus, Beutnitz

Day section 2 can be further broken down into short routes 5 to 10.


The tower first became accessible in 1784. Today it is a popular observation point.

Kunitzburg Castle

The ruins of Kunitzburg Castle tower above the Saale river. Parts of the main building and the castle keep remain.

Photo credits: source: JenaKultur, photos by: Christian Häcker, Andreas Hub, J. Hohmuth -