Rococo palace in Dornburg
Rococo palace in Dornburg

Day section 3: Beutnitz - Dornburg

From Beutnitz the SaaleHorizontale runs through meadow orchards and occasional vineyards to the bottom of the rocky Zietschkuppe hill. Above the Zietschgrund valley the trail continues into Tautenburger Wald forest, past the observatory to the ruins of Tautenburg Castle, which offers great views across the village of the same name.

From here the trail runs through beech forest and along woodland meadows to the Hohe Lehde observation point. The Sophienterrasse leads down into Dorndorf, where the Kneipp hydrotherapy facilities at the Stockbornquelle spring offer an ideal opportunity for a break to revive tired feet. The trail crosses the Saale river via the historical Carl Alexander bridge.
The short ascent to Dornburg is via a small side valley.

Distance: 14.2km Uphill: 403m Downhill: 310m
Access: Porstendorf train station (3km from the trail), bus no. 430, 431
Departure: Dornburg train station, bus no. 420, 422
Places to eat: Beutnitz, Tautenburg, Dorndorf, Dornburg

Day section 3 can be further broken down into short routes 11 to 13.

Tautenburg Castle

The ruins of Tautenburg Castle offer splendid views across the village of the same name.

Dornburg Palaces

The SaaleHorizontale walking trail passes right by the Dornburg Palaces.

Photo credits: source: Thüringer Tourismusverband Jena-Saale-Holzland, photos by: Jens Hauspurg, Mark Schmidt, source: JenaKultur, photo by: Andreas Hub