the Dornburg Palaces
the Dornburg Palaces

Hohe Lehde - Dornburg/Saale (short route 13)

From the Serastein memorial stone, which marks the highest point of this section, the SaaleHorizontale runs along the edge of the slope, and then slightly downhill through the forest. Then the trail turns left onto a narrow path and after a few steps emerges from the forest onto an open slope covered in dry grassland.

Shortly before the path leads back into the forest at the Sophienterrasse, you can catch sight of the Dornburg Palaces on the hillside across the valley.
The SaaleHorizontale winds its way out of the forest and across a meadow to the edge of Dorndorf village. Turning away from the village, it follows a tarmacked road for around 300 metres, and then runs across a meadow to a spring that offers Kneipp hydrotherapy treatments. The cold spring water is perfect for reviving walkers’ tired feet.
The SaaleHorizontale continues through gardens and along village streets before reaching the Saale river, which it crosses on the heritage-listed Carl Alexander bridge, right below the Dornburg Palaces.
On the left bank of the river, the trail runs through a rocky gorge up to Dornburg, and then across the market square to the park in which the three Dornburg Palaces are located.


By car: Car park in Dorndorf-Steudnitz, right by the walking trail, then walk to Hohe Lehde, approx. 4km

By train: Dornburg/Saale station, 100m from the walking trail, then walk to Hohe Lehde, approx. 4km

By bus: No. 420 or 422 (JES Verkehrsgesellschaft) to Dorndorf Naschhausen, then walk to Hohe Lehde, approx. 4km


By car: Car park in Dornburg/Saale

By train: 1km descent from Dornburg, Dornburg/Saale station, 100m from the walking trail

By bus: 1km descent from Dornburg, no. 420 or 422 (JES Verkehrsgesellschaft) from Dorndorf Naschhausen

Start point – finish point (km) 45.3km – 50.3km
Distance 5.0km
Highest point – lowest point 319m – 130m
Places to eat Ratskeller and Am Brauhaus restaurants in Dornburg/Saale

Rococo palace in Dornburg

The Dornburg Palaces with their beautifully laid-out park are the northernmost point of the SaaleHorizontale and one of the highlights of the trail.

Photo credits: source: Thüringer Tourismusverband Jena-Saale-Holzland e. V., photos by: Jens Hauspurg, source: JenaKultur, photo by: Andreas Hub