Lobdeburg Castle
Lobdeburg Castle

Jena-Lobeda – Lobdeburg Castle (short route 1)

Starting from the Platanenstrasse stop in Lobeda-Ost, the route crosses Erlanger Allee looking towards Lobdeburg Castle and follows the footpath on the left, which leads slightly uphill until the turning of Richard-Zimmermann-Strasse. The SaaleHorizontale walking trail is signposted from here. There are signs every 400 metres and at intersections. After crossing a road, the trail takes you left up some stone steps and a meadow path, then uphill towards the Lobdeburg castle ruins. Having crossed a gravel path, the route continues to rise, over steps and along forest paths. The edge of the forest frequently offers views across Drackendorf, Jena’s hospital and the district of Lobeda. Then the path opens out to reveal the ruins of Lobdeburg Castle as they rise on top of an outcrop of the Wölmisse plateau. To the right of the castle is the information panel for the Lobdeburg section. A short, steep climb leads you to the rest area above the castle ruin, which offers panoramic views across the southern Saale valley. From this vantage point, at 340 metres above sea level, you can look down at Lobeda, Drackendorf and the autobahn, and out as far as Leuchtenburg Castle some 20 kilometres away.


By car: Parking in Jena-Lobeda near the university hospital

By tram: No. 3, 5, 34 or 35, Platanenstrasse stop

By train:
Jena-Göschwitz train station, then tram no. 3 or 35 to Platanenstrasse stop,
Jena-Paradies train station, then tram no. 5 to Platanenstrasse stop


By car: from Lobdeburg Castle approx. 1km descent to Lobdeburg car park above Alt-Lobeda

By tram: approx. 2km way down from Lobdeburg Castle through Alt-Lobeda, then cross the road,
No. 4, 5 or 34 from Lobeda

Start point – finish point (km) 0km – 1.2km
Distance 1.2km
Highest point – lowest point 300m – 180m
Places to eat Lobdeburgklause below Lobdeburg castle ruins

Pavilion in Drackendorfer Park

This park, including the teahouse designed in a classical Roman style, has been designated a cultural monument of the Free State of Thuringia.

Photo credits: source: JenaKultur, photos by: Andreas Hub, Jörg Neubauer