View of Jena from Weidenberg hill
View of Jena from Weidenberg hill

Autobahn connections


Intersection of the A9 autobahn Berlin – Munich and the A4 Frankfurt/Main – Dresden near Jena

Access from the A9 to Jena via Hermsdorfer Kreuz and then on the A4

Leave the A4 at exit number 54, Jena-Zentrum, and head towards Zentrum/Klinikum

Train connections


Jena Paradies station | north-south connection (Berlin-Munich line) | InterCity station Jena

Jena Westbahnhof station | east-west-connection (Chemnitz-Kassel-Aachen line) | RegionalExpress station

Jena-Göschwitz station | railway junction of the Berlin-Munich line and the Chemnitz-Aachen line in the south of Jena

For more route planning information see (website only in german)| Verkehrsverbund Mittelthüringen


Coach lines

Fast, inexpensive connections from many towns and cities to Jena bus station


Jena Paradies station

Photo credits: source: JenaKultur, photos by: Christian Häcker, Andreas Hub