View of Jena from the SaaleHorizontale
View of Jena from the SaaleHorizontale

The trail.

The SaaleHorizontale walking trail offers amazing panoramic views, along with pure hiking pleasure for active people. The 91km trail extends along the steep slopes of fossil-flecked limestone rising up on both sides of the river Saale between Jena and Dornburg. Numerous vantage points offer stunning views across the Middle Saale valley.

The trail has both gentle and steep ascents, but you are always rewarded by the landscape and natural scenery, which on the SaaleHorizontale are frequently spectacular. Pine groves, beech forests, traditional meadow orchards and luscious field borders offer plenty of variety, while steep cliffs make for striking photo opportunities. Bright carpets of early-flowering plants, delicate orchids and the rich colours of the autumn foliage all leave their unique mark on the stunning surroundings. The Dornburg Palaces, the ruins of Kunitzburg and Lobdeburg castles, charming little villages and ancient rock faces are fascinating monuments to bygone ages. There are also places to eat and hostels along the way. The trail has been split into 9 short routes to make it more accessible. The many access paths and exit points allow you to split the trail into any number of shorter individual walks. The SaaleHorizontale’s distinctive symbol, which is displayed every 250 metres, makes it easy to follow the route even without a map. At selected points, information panels provide further orientation.

The SaaleHorizontale has been certified as a premium walking trail by the German Ramblers’ Association.


Photo credits: source: JenaKultur, photos by: Christian Häcker