View from the Sonnenberge hills
View from the Sonnenberge hills

Landgraf hill – Jena, Carl-Zeiss-Platz (short route 17)

Landgraf hill (281m) is affectionately known as ‘Jena’s balcony’.
The panoramic views across Jena from this limestone cliff are not to be missed. From there the trail follows the edge of the slope in a straight line, west across the Sonnenberge hills, partly through pine forest. The edge of the forest frequently opens up to reveal vistas to the south and west. Eventually the SaaleHorizontale turns left into Cospedaer Grund, where a number of steep steps lead down to the road. On the opposite side of the road are the red brick buildings of the Papiermühle hotel and brewpub.
The trail now crosses the busy Erfurter Strasse, from where it’s just a few metres to the Leutra stream. Before reaching the bridge the trail turns left and becomes a leisurely footpath through park-like green spaces and residential areas, always following the course of the stream until Carl-Zeiss-Platz. Here the Leutra disappears underground. An information panel marks the end, or the beginning, of the trail, at an altitude of around 145 metres.
The city centre now lies before you, starting with an architectural achievement of European stature, the Ernst Abbe monument by the Bauhaus pioneer Henry van de Velde.


By car: Car park on Landgraf hill

By bus: No. 16 to Am Steiger stop, then follow Am Steiger street uphill, the SaaleHorizontale trail crosses this approx. 300m from the edge of the city, turn right to climb up Landgraf hill


By car: Goethe Galerie underground car park, approx. 200m from the Ernst Abbe monument

By train: 1km walk from Carl-Zeiss-Platz to Jena-West station, or use the passage from Carl-Zeiss-Strasse to Ernst-Abbe-Platz and take tram no. 5 or 35 to Jena-Paradies station

Start point – finish point (km) 67.6km – 71.6km
Distance 4.0km
Highest point – lowest point 290m – 145m
Places to eat Landgrafen panoramic restaurant on Landgraf hill, Papiermühle restaurant just off Cospedaer Grund, various restaurants in Jena city centre

Sonnenberge hills

[Translate to English:] Blick auf Jena von den Sonnenbergen

The panoramic views across Jena from this limestone cliff are not to be missed.

Ernst Abbe monument

[Translate to English:] Ernst-Abbe-Denkmal

Henry van de Velde designed this remarkable building in honour of the co-founder of the Zeiss company.

Photo credits: source: JenaKultur, photos by: Christian Häcker, Andreas Hub, Jens Hauspurg